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Posted: 11/19/2010

Write your intentions on the wall: the night before the big move...



Everything is about to shift.

I'm sitting in my apartment the night before I get the keys to our new studio on Wrightwood and my stomach is full of butterflies.

I've been given the task by my feng shui advisor [Simone Targo] to come up with a series of intentions to write on the walls of the new studio before painting and it feels like a tall order.

Infuse opened 2 years ago in September of 2008 and the night before opening, I didn't sleep, not a wink. And tonight might be one of those nights.

A new space holds endless possibility, infinite promise, and a whole lot of hopefulness. It also holds an element of risk, high challenges, and... I'll be honest... a fear of failure.

They say that physiologically, the body experiences fear and excitement in exactly the same way... so...

Here's what I'm excited to offer through the new Infuse:



  • More space, room to breathe, 12-foot celings, a sense of expansiveness and light.
  • More yoga... we have 10 teachers on our staff now, and more than 15 classes per week! In September 2008, we only had 3 teachers and about 5 classes per week.
  • More than yoga. Yoga is the heart and soul of our business. But we know that holistic fitness is important to you. That's whey we've worked to design classes like Christy's Pilates mat class and Cardio Boot Camp, plus Meredith's Yoga Sculpt and AsaliNaimah's Belly Dance. And we know you like to have fun so... how about organic wine tastings after my new monthly Late Night Yoga classes?
  • More services. I've always dreamed that Infuse would become more of a full-service spa and we are well on our way. The spa space will be opening shortly following the studio, offering acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodywork, energy work, facials, life & business coaching, nutritional counseling and more!
  • More partnerships. Yoga teacher training with Global Family Yoga, feng shui workshops, community acupuncture...
  • More commitment to eco-chic design. Our studio is being freshly painted this week with eco-friendly, non-toxic, no-VOC earthy colors by Nichole Lovett of Harmony Haus Painting. I can't wait!
  • More community. Our entire fall schedule has been designed with you in mind. Your needs, your schedules, your requests. And our location has been chosen with care because of the surrounding local businesses and visibility to new members who are already calling to inquire about classes!

I am so humbled by and grateful for all of your comments, questions, enthusiasm, well wishes and ideas for the expansion. So many of you have offered your help carrying boxes, taking photos, giving design tips, making connections in the community, referring friends... it is an amazing feeling to know that you value what we're working hard to create at Infuse.

One client said to me recently that she originally came to Infuse just looking for good yoga & pilates classes and was surprised to find a an unexpected sense of community and a feeling of belonging to something bigger and better than just your average place to work out.

And that, my friends, in a nutshell is my ultimate wish for you.

See you Saturday at 713 W. Wrightwood Ave.

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