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Posted: 11/18/2010


On Samhain/Halloween, Sunday, October 31, 2010, Joan Forest Mage and I did a Feng Shui treatment of LFAC.  We followed the instructions of a Bagua map of the space and elemental charts, which had been generously created by Feng Shui and Reiki practitioner Simone Targo of Aligned Insidemapping LFAC’s space into the 9 life areas.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating energetic flow through spaces. This creates improvements in all aspects of life: health, relationships and prosperity. Some processes in Feng Shui are changing the placement of furniture, using colors that are appropriate for the energy areas, and simple cleaning and de-cluttering of the space. Bagua refers to objects, colors, and other items that are startegically placed to create energetic changes. For example, if an area of the room is the "wood" element area, putting a live plant, a picture of flowers, or wooden furniture there would increase the energy flow. 

Joan, artist Judy Demchuk, and I arrived early and went through the space, trying to mentally line it up with Simone’s chart in order to figure out where the greatest energetic need was and what to adjust.  We noticed that Judy’s wonderful art piece, “I Love You From Around The World,” is located in the Helpful People and Travel area—which fits excellently since her piece translates “I love you” into over 100 different languages.

It became immediately apparent that the weakest areas of our physical space—the back third of the space, which includes the office, restroom, cleaning supplies, and stairwell to the basement—are located in our Wealth, Fame, and Relationships areas.  Not good for any organization!  We began work in the Relationships area, located in the back right corner of the space, which goes through the back half of the Healing Room and office, and the stairwell that goes down to the basement.  We adjusted the energy of the space with artwork and curtains in reds, pinks, and earth tones.  The biggest change was felt in the office, where we hung curtains over the electrical panels and the window between the office and healing room.  Joan and I have often lamented that the office felt like a boiler room or cell block; now it feels pleasant and comfortable and much lighter energetically.

We then turned our attention to the Fame area, located in the back center of the space--including the back door going out into the alley and the front half of the office and healing room.  This area was stark, cluttered, and in need of serious help—no wonder I’ve heard so many people say “I’ve walked by this place for two years and never noticed you guys!”

The Fame area is energized by the element of Fire, which is symbolized by actual fire, the color red, or triangular shapes.  So we completely decluttered the front half of the office, added a red fabric curtain to hide the computer cords behind the desk, and energized the space by putting Kat O’Connor’s photograph of Joan, “Mage’s Grace,” above the office door along with a beautiful shaman’s rattle made by Steve Adams from a large seed pod, feathers, amber, and chrysocolla.

LFAC’s Wealth area (back left corner of the space, if looking in from the front door), contains the water cooler, the storage area for tables and cleaning supplies, and (unfortunately) the restroom.  A toilet in the Wealth area is definitely not an ideal Feng Shui situation, but thankfully, it is not a hard one to remedy!  Simone had suggested we keep the restroom door and toilet lid closed when not in use, to prevent wealth from leaking down the drain.  We also hung a crystal sphere from the ceiling to lift the energy, and acquired “money frogs” from a nearby Chinese restaurant.  These cute creatures carry coins in their mouths and are supposed to bring wealth—but more importantly, they are frogs, and as such, will go very well with The Frog Directive, the theme for next year’s art shows based on decades of work by Joan as well as by Lauren Torres, Bethe Hagen, and others.

While we were hard at work on the back half of the space, Tarot reader April Wagner was busily rearranging the lobby area.  We moved out one of the bookshelves with books that hadn’t sold for a year, and used the space to display the art prints more prominently.  April also moved her Tarot reading area to the back left corner of the lobby, which opened up the space and created a light, expansive energy flow.

Finally, we went to the basement.  There is still a lot of work to do down there, but we replaced burned-out light bulbs, did a lot of decluttering, and set up the ancestor shrine (which had previously been in the Fame area in Joan’s office).  After setting up the shrine, Joan led a small ritual calling in the ancestors and spirit guides who watch over the space.  (There is a Native American spirit residing in the basement, as well as the spirit of a young woman who used to work in this building around the 1920’s and had many happy memories here.) 

Joan has always felt that there are many, many more spirit guides who need to be here at LFAC—something I had also discovered during my own shamanic journeys—and we felt a powerful energy in the space after setting up and meditating at the ancestor shrine.  We could even feel the energy coming up through the Main Space after we came back upstairs!

Come visit LFAC and feel the new, clean energy in the space—gallery hours are 12 noon to 6 pm Monday through Friday, or attend one of our excellent events, such as DaEl Walker’s crystal skull lecture Wednesday, November 17, Siria Family Channeling with Sharyl Noday on Thursday, November 18, or the Full Moon Psychic Party with artist Sharon Bechtold on Sunday, November 21. I hope to see you there!


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