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Posted: 10/26/2010


Knowledge Gua

This gua affects self-improvement, wisdom, brightness, mental clarity, intelligence, personal growth, and spirituality. It is the Northeast part of the home or the lower left corner of your home from where you enter (see bagua chart at left) it would be great if this gua is in your study room, den, or library. If not, you can make the part of the room where this gua falls become a place for books. A bookcase filled with books will reflect your knowledge. Any items that express growth: encyclopedias, dictionaries, any educational books—placing a globe in this area will enhance knowledge of the world.

Plants always represent growth; several in this area would be great. Plants are a strong symbol of new life and healthy, vital chi. They are an effective way of growing and strengthening the thoughts, concepts, and answers you need. It will help you grow in wisdom and understanding. Make sure your plants stay healthy at all times. You can empower this cure if you visualize the plant’s chi aiding your knowledge with new and effective ideas coming to you often.

Although the Knowledge area seems less exciting than your Wealth area, it is naturally important since your career and everything you do in life is influenced by the knowledge you have acquired. If you have children in school or are applying to college, then you definitely need enhancements here.

Feng Shui for knowledge

The Knowledge area of the BaGua is associated with the Earth element, which is characterized by solidness and stillness; the colors are black, blue, and green. It is appropriate to have bookcases, papers, files and anything else that enhances your knowledge in this section of your home or office.

A picture of a mountain (the mountain is a symbol of knowledge gua)—hung on the wall can be put behind a student's chair where it provides support. If used in the supportive position, avoid mountain pictures with large lakes or glaciers, as the presence of so much water in the picture will make it less effective.

When focusing on the Feng Shui life area for knowledge, education, and wisdom, you should make sure it's well-lit because this is an aspect of our lives where we should be enlightened so that bright ideas will come forward. If you have favorite teachers and mentors, you should also pay homage to them by placing photos of these people in this room. Photographs and posters of wise people throughout history are also welcome here.

Keep this area clear of clutter or it will create clutter in your life. You should make every attempt to keep things clean inside this area. Dirty things symbolize a clouded mind, leaving you with unsound judgment. Once you are faced with broken furniture, you should definitely take time to fix it or replace it to prevent bad chi.

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