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Posted: 8/4/2010


Rita aka Megryansmom | August 4, 2010 |


I had such high hopes of getting more organized and ridding my home of clutter this summer. But now, as the time for back to school rapidly approaches, I’m not any closer to achieving that goal than I was back in early June. I found myself standing in a room or in the garage, looking around dumbfounded, not knowing where to start. Exasperated, I would just walk away before I started to cry.

Sure, I’ve rearranged a few kitchen cabinets and thinned out the coffee mugs. But short of moving my sewing machine into it and adding a crib to accommodate daycare for my grandsons, my son’s room remains a quasi shrine and he left home seven years ago. My daughter’s once bright and cheerful room has sadly become a catchall for anything that I’ve tired of seeing lying around in other areas of the house and the two car garage has barely enough room for one car now. Fortunately, or maybe not, we don’t have a basement or I’d fill that from floor to ceiling also.

The clutter has become so unmanageable and caused me so much stress that I felt the need to enlist in the professional help of Chicagoan, Simone Targo, owner of Aligned Inside, for a few tips on how to declutter and better organize my home in order to create a more positive energy flow and ultimately increase my level of happiness and reduce all this stress.

An Empowerment Life Coach, Feng Shui and Reiki practitioner and Home Stager, Simone offered some great tips to help me get started.  So with a babushka on my head, I turned on some happy music to get me in the groove, gathered a few laundry baskets, a handful of garbage bags, and set off to reclaim a stake in what I’d hoped would soon be my sewing/craft room.

It was important to first clear out the clutter and I quickly worked my way around the room clockwise, remembering Simone’s words, don’t agonize over a decision, if you haven’t used it in 2 years it should go.  I worked in sections, filling some bags with garbage and others with items that I would drop off at the local donate box.  Sentimental items including yearbooks and a beloved Pound Puppy, would now be stored in one container in the closet.  Anything that didn’t belong in that room needed to be distributed to it’s rightful place.  The process was much faster than I had thought and I immediately removed all the trash bags so I wouldn’t be tempted to take anything back out.

Simone’s system helped me to tackle the mundane job very quickly and when I was done, I felt a great sense of accomplishment!  As a well deserved reward, I poured myself a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio, put my feet up and plotted my next plan of attack.

About Rita aka Megryansmom: Former Northwest side resident Rita is mom and step mom to four adult children and one furbaby. She and her husband Tony currently call Joliet home. Rita finds herself rediscovering all things infant and preschooler as she provides daycare for two of her grandsons, ages 4 and 10 months. During naptime, Rita can be found sharing amusing stories and some fun giveaways at her personal blog Look It's Megryansmom and you can find her on Twitter @megryansmom. View author profile.

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