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Posted: 6/4/2010

Allowing is Like a Google Search

by Fred Morton, Feb. 20, 2010

Understanding Allowing into 2010 language.

Recently, it came to me that if you know how to do a Google search, then you know how to allow! You just might not realize it!

When you are trying to find something or someone, you type a question on Google and hit the send button. At this point, you don’t try to guess the answer or figure it out. You wait and voila…the internet (Source) provides you with many possibilities. So, to recap, you press the send button, LET GO and TRUST the answer will appear. You don’t sit there and wonder if you will receive results similar to the past or worry that the next time you search there won’t be an answer. You stay PRESENT and the results reveal themselves to you.

What happens when you are too specific in your request? The internet (Source) responds with a very limited amount of options.

What happens if you ask the same question over and over again? The internet (Source) provides you with the same results over and over. The internet (Source) does not scold you for asking over and over again. Simply the same information is repeated.

What if you don’t see the results that you are looking for? You ask a different question and get different results.

And when you click on one of the results, you decide if it is what you are looking for and you follow that path, which then leads you in a specific way.

But what if you click on a result and decide that it’s not for you? You can either go back to the other possibilities that were on the previous page, ask again or ask in a different way.

What about speed!

It depends on the type of modem/connection you have! Do you use a very slow dial-up (mind) connection? You know, one that you have to manually connect to with a phone line that is used for other purposes and is not dedicated to your computer. Or do you have a high speed (heart), always connected broadband connection that is always available? High speed connections are less resistant, allowing more information to pass through.

What happens if you share a WIFI connection? It’s not as reliable, inconsistent and it is easy to loose the signal. Having a dedicated high speed line is much better!

What happens when I use a high speed connection and a slow computer?

If you can’t upgrade your operating system (beliefs), then it may be time to buy a new computer!! Be willing to let go of the outdated system.

What happens when you loose the connection?

When you loose the connection, whatever the problem, the internet (Source) is still there.

Can you see how Allowing is just like a Google search?


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