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Posted: 5/2/2010

This article is written by Andy Chrysostomou and taken from this site: http://www.naturalbloom.com/articles/reiki-50/

About the author

 Andy Chrysostomou came to Reiki after developing severe spondylosis of the spine. He was in extreme pain and lost mobility in his arms and legs. He was told by his doctor that the condition was degenerative and that he would eventually be in a wheelchair. He was offered surgery but was told that it was a fifty, fifty chance of whether it would work or worsen the condition. Andy searched for an alternative to surgery and found Reiki. By learning Reiki and self healing on a daily basis Andy is now able to live a normal life and work out six times a week. He has been teaching and practicing Reiki for four years.

web: www.thehealingco.com

As a practicing Reiki healer and teacher, I have treated patients with cancer at various stages of the illness, from the earliest diagnosis, to the terminal stage. Cancer is such a powerful and frightening illness - its effects are both physical and emotional, affecting not only the patient, but their family and friends also. I have seen the devastating physical and emotional effects of cancer, but I have also seen the power of hope, determination, positive thinking and the strength of the Human Spirit.

People, generally, are incredibly mentally and physically resilient and have an instinctive and overriding desire to survive. Yet when someone is told they have a serious illness, their conditioned response is to abdicate responsibility and give all control to someone else. In effect they become passive recipients.

Being passive goes against our natural programming and can lead to negative feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and a weakening of the belief and resolve to survive. This state of mind effectively inhibits and suppresses the body's own healing responses.

To maximize the healing benefits of any and every external modality, the power of the mind must be used in a conscious and controlled manner to activate and heighten the body's own healing responses. Ideally, the patient must be an active participant.

Being active gives the patient some sense of control and power over their illness. They now have additional means of fighting the illness so their belief and resolve grows. This more positive state of mind stimulates the body's own healing responses.

Effective treatment of cancer needs to include the healing ability of the body and the mind, as well as all the external treatments. Patients must have belief and focus and it is essential they understand that where the mind leads, the body follows. It is vital to stay as positive and optimistic as possible, and keep focused on fighting the cancer. As long as there is life, there is hope.

Cancer is a life issue and needs to be treated as such to have the best chance of success. Aspects of the patients emotional and physical life need to be looked at with the patient, and if necessary, suggested modifications offered to create the best possible conditions for promoting healing.

Reiki healing is a good addition to any medical treatment, and there are other methods that can and should be used as well. The primary treatment is the Gerson Therapy. Some treatments will work directly on the cancer, and others will work on initiating the bodys healing process. Individually, these will have a chance of helping the patient, but they should all be used together where possible to maximize the healing effects.

The following methods are my recommendations for my cancer patients:

Follow the Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy has been successfully treating thousands of cancer patients for more than 60 years. Developed by Dr Max Gerson, the Gerson Therapy is an intensive nutrition programme that is based around drinking large quantities of fresh organic juices, having coffee enemas, cutting out all salt and supplementing with potassium along with thyroid hormone, liver, iodine and other substances that accelerate the body's healing mechanisms.

In chronic degenerative conditions most of the body's organs cease to function effectively to the point of shutting down and the body becomes so weak that it can no longer fight off illness. The Gerson Therapy provides the body with vast quantities of easily absorbed living nutrients and releases the body of excess sodium, which has accumulated due to years of poor nutrition. The body is returned to a state of homeostasis. The Gerson Therapy has a 42% success rate with terminally ill cancer patients.

Use Reiki

Reiki works by directing naturally occurring electro-magnetic energy at the frequency needed to destroy the cancerous cells and strengthen the vital organs to support the healing process.

I give Reiki healing on a daily basis to begin with, then I teach the patient basic Reiki to enable them to heal themselves daily. I do this to ensure the patient does not become dependent on me, and more importantly, to help the patient feel empowered and take back responsibility for their life.

I also teach the patient's close family basic Reiki so they can do something constructive to help. This helps their family feel empowered and more useful, which has a positive impact on the patient.

Use the Power of the Mind

Visualisation, intention, and/or positive affirmations, utilise the power of the mind to help the body fight the cancer. The patient needs to work with the practitioner to find the most suitable and effective methods for them to program their mind to fight off the cancer.

Stress Reduction

The patient also needs to have lots of rest and relaxation to eliminate all stress from their life to help the body's healing process.

The above is by no means the only way to treat cancer, but it is a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach that works with the patient, as well as working on the patient. The system has elements to work directly on the cancer and crucially has elements to encourage a major attitude shift towards a positive and active role in the healing process.

There are no guarantees with any treatment for cancer, all we can do is try our best to help in every way we can. I believe the best approach is to use every means available to us. Treatment needs to be comprehensive and wide-ranging and must utilize the power of the mind and spirit and body to heal itself.

©2005 Andy Chrysostomou. All rights reserved. Republished with permission on 08-Aug-05.



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