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Aligned Inside

Hi! I'm Simone Targo, owner of Aligned Inside.

"When 'bad' things happen to 'good' people, it's often because they want to become even better teachers, guides and helpers to those precious souls who will one day need them to be their rock." - Mike Dooley.

 "…the potential for a greatly improved experience is always born from an unwanted experience; and in time (whenever the resistance ceases,) the improvement will come." - Abraham-Hicks ~The Vortex. pg 10
This is why I'm here.

I will help you to Align Your Body, Mind and Environment to Manifest Your Desires with Reiki, Feng Shui and Space Clearing.

I can also help you to get Organized!


my faceReiki and Feng Shui combined with Space Clearing are powerful healing modalities. Reiki helps heal our bodies and Feng Shui helps heal our environment. Space Clearing "sweeps" unhealthy energies out the door. Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Reiki can improve our well-being, raise our energy level and bring balance in our lives. I'd love to help you do that. 

Create a Great Day,




This is where I perform my Reiki Services:
Home Office - Park Ridge, IL


(By Appointment Only - Weekday, Evening and Weekend hours available)

Near the Intersection of Northwest Hwy and Oakton




Click Here for a Google Map

Please Note that 24 Hour Notice is Required for Cancellation or Re-Scheduling,
If Appointment is Cancelled Less than 24 Hours in Advance OR You Miss the Appointment,
There is a  $25 Missed Appointment Fee.






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